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The curriculum includes:
  • Ehtical standards in medicine in the past and present
  • General introduction to ethics, history and theory of medicine
  • The history of medicine in Europe from antiquity to the present
  • Comparative cross cultural history of medicine
  • Ethische Normen in der Medizin in Vergangenheit und Gegenwart

The language of medicine:

  • Terminology
  • Medical texts in Coptic and ancient Egyptian

Students of medicine and dentistry have the possibility of receiving the doctoral degree Dr. med.. Degree holders in non-medical studies are able to get the doctoral degree Dr. rer. biol. hum.. In order to receive these degrees, it is necessary to work for at least two years as an assistant on one of the institute's research projects, as well as passing an exam, with a demonstrable knowledge of medicine. Furthermore, the requisites relevant to attaining the doctorate, Dr. med., are also applicable.

For legally binding information, see the doctoral degree regulations of the Medical Faculty of the LMU Munich.

Students of the humanities with a Master's degree can choose Medical History as a subsidiary subject after receiving the authorization to do so by the examination board of their faculty.