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Models of clinical-ethical case review


Direction: PD Dr. med. Dr. phil. Ralf J. Jox
Research Assistant: Cand. med. Julia Heiland
Funded by: Lehre@LMU

This project is based on the observation that there are a large number of models for ethical case discussion in the clinic that have developed relatively erratically and have not yet been scientifically investigated and compared. We want to find out which models are mainly used by ethics advisors, how they deal with them and what their attitude is towards them. To this end, we are conducting an anonymous survey among ethics counselling experts in the international arena. In addition, we want to investigate whether different models of clinical-ethical case discussions have different effects on the course and outcome of case discussions. To this end, we are conducting a social-experimental study in which three experienced ethics consultants each moderate a discussion on the same standardized case with standardized role models. These conversations are recorded on video, transcribed and evaluated with the method of (video-supported) content analysis.