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META mHealth: Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects in the Technological Age

Funded by: Federal Ministry of Education and Research Germany (BMBF)
Duration: April 2018 - March 2024

Direction: PD Dr. med. Verina Wild

Tereza Hendl, PhD (research associate)
Niels Nijsingh, PhD (research associate)
Bianca Jansky (research fellow)
Sarah Akgül (research assistant)
Ela Sauerborn (research assistant)
Tanja Greiderer (doctoral candidate)

Mobile Health (mHealth) technologies are currently becoming an essential part of healthy lifestyle, disease prevention and disease management. The overall goal of the international and interdisciplinary project META is a thorough analysis of ethical, legal and social aspects of mHealth. In this regard the project will add important knowledge to the current BMBF priority fields of health research. he project explores chances and challenges of mHealth and wider aspects of the digital transformation on the individual level, the population level and on the global level.Results of the project will be disseminated in academic publications and presentations, and a user-friendly website for the public, policy, research & development and the private sector.