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Research Associates

Surname, First name Title Phone
Calà, Irene Dr. phil. 
Hirsch, Anna M.A. +49(0)89/2180-72792
Kögel, Johannes M.A. +49(0)89/2180-72789
Kuehlmeyer, Katja Dr. rer. biol. hum. Dipl. psych. 0049/89/2180-72790
Marckmann, Georg Prof. Dr. med. MPH +49(0)89/2180-72776
Rauprich, Oliver Dr. phil. Dipl. Biol. 0049/89/2180-72782
Schütz, Mathias Dr. phil. M.A. +49(0)89/2180-72779
Wolkenstein, Andreas M.A. +49(0)89/2180-72793